Pixworld.io terms of service

The user that is registered and use Pixworld.io services (hereinafter "User") must understand and accept the following terms of use. In the case of do not understand or do not accept, user can not use Pixworld.io services (hereinafter "Pixworld").

The user is responsible to visit this page frequently to stay aware of any changes about these terms and conditions.

The user may terminate his account and, therefore, its relationship with Pixworld, from 'Your details' section of the control panel.

Pixworld reserves the right to remove an user's account if considers that the use of the account is disproportionate or unreasonable, for example, creating hundreds of worlds without sense.

The user is the only responsible of the content and use of Pixworld and he will answer of any infringement resulting of its content or use.

Pixworld reserves the right to delete one or more user-created contents if think these are not suitable for some viewers. An example content that could be considered unfit could be images only suitable for adults or containing extreme violence. Can also be considered unsuitable contents that infringe rights of third parties.

Regarding payment services acquired in Pixworld, Pixworld reserves the right to not refund the amounts paid if think the reason that the user expose is not relevant. Nor will refund if have passed more than 30 days from the payment.

Pixworld not provide in any case any kind of source code.

In the apps that the user doesn't display ads through the 'Ads' section of his control panel, Pixworld reserves the right to show their own ads to 100% of the users of these apps.

In the apps that the user displays ads through the 'Ads' section of his control panel, Pixworld reserves the right to show their own ads to a maximum of 20% of the users of these apps.

Pixworld will watch 24 hours a day to keep service running at any time. In case of interruption of service, Pixworld will resume it on the minimum possible time taking into account the Pixworld technical and human limitations at that time. No guarantees of minimum service restoration time.

Pixworld is not responsible, among others, of information loss arising from the user bad use of his private area or bugs in the Pixworld software or hardware nor external software or hardware.

Pixworld will not transfer to any other organization or business personal data that user may enter in the user's private area. Personal data will only be used to provide the Pixworld service.

Personal data is stored in a single centralized database on a Pixworld server. User can request the correction or deletion of these data by contacting Pixworld with any available means (email, contact form, ..).

Pixworld does not use cookies for advertising or tracking. Only use as few cookies that are technically necessary to login and maintain the user's session.